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    ­ British Columbia Christian Academy is a Grade K - 12  co­ed, Christian based, college preparatory school.  Our mission with our basketball program is to provide youth with a three part success plan:  Moral/Character Success, Academic Success, and Athletic Success. Our goal is to provide  elite training in all those areas while providing an environment where these student-­athletes  will have all the guidance and encouragement they need to obtain success.    

    Spiritual/Moral/Character Success    

    We want every student-­athlete that attends British Columbia Christian Academy to graduate  with the tools to succeed as a productive member of our society. We believe that this is  achieved through becoming a follower of Christ and his teaching in the Bible. We as a  program will keep God in the front of our Church, school, and basketball program. We will  include prayer and biblical teachings in our basketball program. It is also extremely important  for the young men in our program to learn the importance of giving back to the community.  We will include community service such as hosting youth clinics/camps and volunteering time  at soup kitchens, or for helping the elderly with household projects. We feel  that teaching the youth through our Christian based character growth and community  outreach programs will help enrich the young men in our basketball program with experiences  that will guide them into being strong, loving, Christian community leaders.     ­

     - Daily post-­practice devotions and Daily team prayer ­

     - 3 Community service projects per year  ­  

    Academic Success    

    Our goal is to prepare each student-­athlete to not only fulfill the  NCAA & CIS requirements but to do so with high marks and great understanding. Our goal is  to prepare our student­-athletes to be able to be accepted by Ivy League schools if they so  choose knowing that if they can reach that standard they will be able to succeed at most other  Universities.   This means course  placement with NCAA requirements and student's learning needs is what we will use to create  the student's curriculum. Our goals is not to simply have students passing each course, but  rather we want the students to grasp and learn the material taught in the courses so that he is  fully prepared to succeed in collegiate academics. Our teaching staff is very strong and is  dedicated to the threefold success (spiritual, academic, athletic) of each student-­athlete in our  program. 


    The goal of our elite varsity basketball program is to prepare each member of the Elite team  to play NCAA Division 1 basketball in every way possible which includes these aspects:  Development of Body/Athleticism, Quality of Competition, Quality of Teammates, and  Development of Skill Level/Basketball IQ. Our commitment to these areas of each player's  athletic development will provide him with the physical/technical growth, the national  exposure/strength of schedule, and an elite and focused environment that will help him to  reach, and be prepared for the Division 1 basketball. This is all provided with the comfort and  feasibility of living within Greater Vancouver, seen as one of the best places in the world to live.                  ​

    Physical/Athleticism Development                

    We have been blessed with a partnership with Fortius Sport & Health which will allow our program to have full-time world-class strength & conditioning, and explosiveness coaches. We will work personally with the athletes in the basketball program program to  maximize the strength, speed, agility, and explosiveness of each athlete. The  strength/conditioning program will be a year round program that will help build each student into  the best physical athlete that he possibly can be.               ​

    Quality of Competition              

     The British Columbia Christian Varsity basketball team is comprised of elite level basketball players  who all have Division 1 aspirations and potential. Our goal is to provide these athletes with a  level of competition that will prepare them for college basketball and display their talents on an international scale. The game schedule consists of 70 games in Toronto, Arizona, California, Washington, New Mexico, Illinois, Tennessee, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, Georgia, China, South Korea, and Japan. 

    While on these trips, our team will compete with some of the best players/teams the world  has to offer. The tournaments we have scheduled are all heavily attended by Division 1  college coaches coaches and national high school scouting services. We will provide a  schedule no other British Columbia or Canadian school or most US schools can provide and a strength of schedule the rivals that of the very best US high schools/prep schools other prestigious prep schools around around the nation.                

    ​ An Elite Training/Development Environment              

    The players on our national team are all young men that have exhibited high basketball  ability and all have NCAA D1 University caliber potential. Each young man has been purposely selected and  recruited to provide an overall Elite Division 1 caliber practice/workout environment. Because  of this quality environment, the competition level amongst teammates will only drive each  young man to continue to improve and will consequently result in great leaps and bounds in  their growth as basketball players.  


    Our basketball program is run like like a college program in order to prepare the young  men for their near futures as collegiate student athletes. So, this means September - October  will  consist of Individual Skill Development Sessions (ISDs) and our Panther Boot Camp Program (Strength & Conditioning) along with team practices and scrimmages. Games will begin in mid - October. The season ends in March at the Christian  School National Championship Tournament(68 team tourney) with a total of 70 games (could  fluctuate based on performance)on the full season's schedule.                

    Our program is fully  committed to the young men in our program, so helping them earn scholarships, prepare for  college, and solidify their futures as strong Christian men is more important to us than collecting provincial/state championship  trophies.  

    That is why we have partnered with the finest and most innovative training facility in North America: Fortius Sport & Health. This facility brings an extremely innovative approach to a training facility; it has EVERYTHING. State of the Art Strength & Conditioning, On-site physical therapist and sports medicine physicians, full strength and conditioning development staff, NBA/FIBA sized basketball practice facility, and state of the art bio-mechanics equipments and onsite experts make Fortius the perfect home facility for our basketball program. We are confident in saying no program in North America can provide the level of training and the quality of facilities on the highschool/prep level that we can as a partner with Fortius Sport &Health.  This is the same facility that the NBA's Toronto Raptors use as their pre-season training camp facility.               

    Other aspect of our program is our use of Intelligym technology which is a  basketball specific mental training program that helps young men develop their basketball IQ.  This technology has been and is continued to be used by most of the Elite D1 programs and  NBA organizations. We also believe that the art of studying film is a very underrated skill that  if learned can only help players improve their preparation for games and their self  improvement.    

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